This is a first attempt at a programming blog which will hopefully be useful to other .Net programmers out there. I plan to publish articles/solutions to common problems you might have encountered. Ever wondered what’s the best way to do this or that in .Net? I’ve asked myself this question too often. Most of the time I end up doing the research and spending lots of time finding the ideal solution rather than just a solution. Stackoverflow is usually a good reference but sometimes the solutions can’t be found so easily. The articles presented in this blog will hopefully be helpful to you. I will try to present the solutions so that you can apply them easily in your projects.

A little about me, I’ve been a C# programmer for the last 12 years (ever since it came out really). I started my career as a software test engineer at Microsoft then worked as a tools programmer at Ubisoft Montreal. The cold weather wasn’t for me so I moved to California to continue my career in the gaming industry. I am now a software engineer working on projects for Walt Disney Imagineering.


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